Dinamic is one of a series of DCMD events.

We launched a logo for Dinamic in 2020 with a hope that Dinamic could be remembered as a valuable and competitive competition.

Check out the meaning of each part of the logo carried.

  1. ‘Dinamic’, part of the DCMD and when the bundle is straight up it would describe a start and an end.
  2. The D-shaped logo, represents a coins (ancient one) and it means the competition is valuable.
  3. A line, one of the most ancient art in history and it represents timeless (hope in the future of competition).
  4. Blue color, meand calmness in making decisions, dependability, realiable, responsible, and trust when making reality.
  5. ‘Ancient one’, means arranged by one of the oldest KSPM in Indonesia.

Diponegoro Capital Market Days 2021 by KSPM FEB Undip

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