The 8th Dinamic


Navigating the Emerging Market: Unlocking the Boundaries Through High Technology

8 June - 25 August 2023

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The 8th Dinamic 2023

The 8th Dinamic 2023 Grand Theme

Navigating the Emerging Market: Unlocking the Boundaries Through High Technology

In this era full of uncertainties, the global economy is becoming increasingly unpredictable and dynamic along with the current developments. According to a study from Oxford Economics, Emerging market countries, especially those located on the Asian continent, will lead the global economy in the future. Indonesia as one of the countries with the highest emerging markets in the world, supported by a million natural and extraordinary human resources, is projected to become a key holder of the global economy in the future which has been proven in real terms by the resilience of the Indonesian economy amid the wave of crises that hit.

The capital market, which has an important role in the Indonesian economy, is also in a developing stage as evidenced by the growth in the number of Indonesian investors, which always experiences growth over time, reaching 10.8 million investors (+5.54% YTD). This is of course the fruit of the hard work of stakeholders who have contributed greatly to the Indonesian capital market with the support of the big role of technology and the sophistication of digitization.

In the era of rapid technological development, many companies have realized the importance of implementing high-level technology, especially in terms of operations so that they can open existing boundaries. In the capital market itself, advanced technology is also used to open a million investment barriers that have been hindering the operation of an investment transaction in the capital market. For example by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security, cloud computing, and others. For this reason, The 8th Dinamic 2023 is proud to have the theme “Navigating the Emerging Market: Unlocking the Boundaries Through High Technology” with great hope that the public will begin to be aware of the urgency of innovative high technology in the capital market sector, especially in Indonesia so that it can increase the interest of new investors to be able to work in the Indonesian capital market. Even so, there are still many high-tech challenges that need to be redesigned by stakeholders in promoting investment in the Indonesian capital market

Whats New in Dinamic?

A New Competition Concept: Hybrid (Online & Offline)

Gala Dinner

Dinamic 2023 Philosophy

3 Core Value of the 8th Dinamic 2023




Dinamic Grand Price

1st Place

Rp 8.000.000

+ Trophy + Certificate + Gold Medal + Exclusive Merchandise

2nd Place

Rp 6.000.000

+ Trophy + Certificate + Silver Medal + Exclusive Merchandise

3rd Place

Rp 4.000.000

+ Trophy + Certificate + Bronze Medal + Exclusive Merchandise

Best Presentation

Rp 1.500.000

+ Trophy + Certificate + Original Medal + Exclusive Merchandise

Best Paper

Rp 1.500.000

+ Trophy + Certificate + Original Medal + Exclusive Merchandise

Dinamic Benefit

Free valuation training by capital market experts

Chance to win millions of rupiah

Free exclusive merchandise of finalist kit and medal for the top 10 finalist

Memorable and stimulating competition experience that takes place offline for finalist

Develop capital market and company valuation skills

Build relationships with the finalists and marvelous judges from Gala Dinner

Gain insightful feedbacks from numerous judges and speakers

Dinamic 2023 Timeline

Dinamic Registration Guidelines


Participants register online from 8 June – 8 July 2023 by accessing the registration form via the DCMD website (https:/


Participants fill in the team data and registration files required in full.


Participants can make payments with registration fees as follows:
Early Bird (June 8 -24 2023) = IDR 250,000
Normal Regist (25 June -8 July 2023) = Rp285,000


Registration fees that have been transferred cannot be returned for any reason


Participants can access the twibbon and caption of The 8th Dinamic 2023 via the link which is uploaded via the Instagram feeds of each participant as well as the Instagram tags @dcmdundip and @kspmdiponegoro


After the team representative fills out the registration form and completes the registration file, within 2×24 hours, the participant will receive a confirmation email containing an e-ticket and an invitation to enter the participant group


If the team representative does not receive a confirmation email from the committee within 2×24 hours, participants can contact the contact person listed in the booklet via Whatsapp or Line (please check the confirmation email in the spam/junk email section)


Provision paper requirements such as booklets, allowance cover papers, disclosures, originality statements, and biodata are listed on the website or via the link


Participant group’s link will be sent via email and the committee will provide all further information regarding the implementation of the competition through the participant group. Therefore, we hoped that all team members can join the participant group


If you have questions about The 8th Dinamic 2023 competition, you can ask through the contact person provided

Terms and Conditions

Terms And Condition

  1. Each team consists of 2-3 active students who come from the same college.
  2. The total of representative teams for each university is unlimited to enter the competition.
  3. Each participant is only allowed to register in one team.
  4. Each participant who has registered is not allowed to change team members for any reason.
  5. Participants are not currently working in securities (if an apprentice is allowed to register).
  6. One team is only allowed to submit one soft copy.
  7. Payment of the registration fee is not affected by the size of the number of team members.
  8. Without valid proof of payment, the committee has the right to refuse participant registration.
  9. All participants who have made registration payments can’t apply for the system refund
  10. Teams that qualify for the top 10 stages must attend the whole series of Dinamic and Capital Market Fair events.
  11. Participants who have been declared as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are not included in the determination of Best Presentation and Best Paper.
  12. Each team must comply with the rules and conditions that have been given.
  13. All forms of violations and fraud found by the committee before, during, and after the competition by the participants, the team concerned will immediately disqualify. 
  14. The copyright of the submitted papers belongs to each participant.
  15. A series of final rounds, especially during the showcase round were held OFFLINE
  16. Jury and committee decisions are final ABSOLUTE and UNINTERRUPTED

Form Registration Dinamic

Form Re-Registration Finalist Dinamic

Testimoni Dinamic

The 7th Dinamic is my second year of participating in the competition and I can say that the quality is always maintained. Although being held online, Dinamic always gives the participants something new and also allows participant to feel the heat and fun in the competition. The theme and stockpick is also very interesting, bringing fresh and updated theme to today's economic situation.
Sendy Winardi Sovian
1st Place DINAMIC 2022
One of the biggest equity research competition in Indonesia. It was a hectic, yet enjoyable moment.
Farrel Justin Wismanto
2nd Place DINAMIC 2022
As a student, I can confidently say that The 7th Dinamic 2022 has been invaluable in helping me learn about equity research. Through conducting in-depth research and presenting my findings to industry experts, I have been able to apply theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios. This competition has truly provided me with a unique and rewarding learning experience.
Adam Darma Kusumah
Best Template
In my opinion, The 7th Dinamic 2022 is a great competition to try and test our stock valuation analysis. It's also our team's first equity research competition, and it's our most unforgettable memory. This competition also helps us enhance our valuation analysis and learn how to perform well in a presentation where the jury is an expert in the industry.
Juan Clement Tengono
3rd Place DINAMIC 2022

Frequently Asked Question

Participants allowed to participate in The 8th Dinamic 2023 are active students who are members of a team of 2-3 people and come from the same university or institution and are not allowed to cross universities or institutions. In addition, team members can come from different study programs and each participant is only allowed to register with one team. Participants are also prohibited from working in a securities company, but internships are permitted.

Team representatives can fill out the form and complete registration on the DCMD website in the dynamic section, namely, and fill out all forms and completeness of registration. After submitting, participants will receive a confirmation email from the committee containing information, e-tickets, and access to the participant group (please check email via the spam/junk email section) within 2×24 hours. If the participant does not receive a confirmation email, the participant can contact the contact person listed

Participants can access the booklet and elimination paper components through the DCMD website in the Dinamic section or via the link

Participants can access twibbon and competition captions on the DCMD website or via the link

If participants have not received a confirmation email from the committee containing information, e-tickets, and access to the participant group (please check email via the spam/junk email section) within 2×24 hours, participants can contact the two contact persons listed.

To find out which company issuers will be analyzed in The 8th Dinamic 2023, participants can check the booklet of The 8th Dinamic 2023 which has been listed on the DCMD website or via the link

The 8th Dinamic 2023 this year will be held in a hybrid manner where the preliminary round and grand night forecast will be conducted online while the showcase round will be held offline in Semarang

If the participant does not yet have a Student Identity Card, then the participant can use a Temporary Student Identity Card or a certificate from the university or faculty stating that the participant is an active student. In addition, participants can also use Identity Cards (KTP).

The Grand Night Forecast round is a round where the finalists will make a paper valuation regarding the new issuer that has been determined and recommend it in BUY/HOLD/SELL within 3 days of processing. Then, in the Showcase Round, participants will present the results of the paper that was made in the Grand Night Forecast round in front of the judges in Semarang.

Participants are prohibited from submitting works that have been published or included in other competitions. If the participant violates, then they can be subject to a reduction of -100 points or can be disqualified.

Yes of course. If the participant has any obstacles or other questions about The 8th Dinamic 2023 can contact Ahmad Faqih (Whatsapp : 085780348212 and ID Line : 030203fqh) or Shinta Wahyu Hapsari (Whatsapp : 081225132069 and ID Line : shinhapsaaz.) as an organizer from The 8th Dinamic 2023 to get more detailed information.



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