About Dinamic

What is Diponegoro National Capital Market Competition?

Exploring the World of Capital Market Since 2015

Arranged by one of the oldest KSPM in Indonesia, Diponegoro Capital Market Days (DCMD) comes with a series of events that is expected to nurture the spirits of investors and develop thoughtful capital market awareness to all of the participants involved. One of the series of events in DCMD is Diponegoro National Capital Market Competition (Dinamic). First established in 2015, Dinamic are known for it’s commitment to provide a fascinating yet stimulating journey for undergraduate students to explore the world of capital market.

Shaping You to Become a Professional Analyst

As the name implies, Dinamic is established as a conference for undergraduate students who have a deep interest in the capital market and finance industry to express their ideas regarding the practice of professional investment research which are delivered in the form of a valuation paper. In this competition, the participant’s competency to develop their analyst skills and mindset  are expected to be honed, especially by participating in implementing the ESG principles as the main theme of DCMD 2022. Furthermore, the brilliant ideas distributed in the work of Dinamic participants are expected to become valuable outputs that will open the horizons of a sustainable capital market and be beneficial for both the participants and the wider community.

More Than Just a Valuation Paper Competition

Being one of the biggest valuation paper competition in Indonesia that has already entered its seventh year, the 7th Dinamic 2022 offers many exciting rounds, challenges, and case studies that will bring out the full potential of all of the participants to develop and rise into the next level of the capital market industry. Moreover, by joining the 7th Dinamic, participants all over the nation will be given the opportunity to discuss and gain valuable feedback from the numerous judges regarding their work on research investment paper. Last but not least, by giving the participants free valuation training, 7th Dinamic always sets up room for students to grow and level up so that they can take part in the bigger, more professional world of the capital market and finance industry.

7th Dinamic Logo Philosophy


Part of the DCMD and when the bundle is straight up it means the competition is valuable.

The D Logo

Represents the coins (ancient one) and it means the competition is valuable.


One of the most ancient art in history and it represents timeless (hope in the future competition).

Ancient One

Arranged by one of the oldest KSPM in Indonesia.


A leaf that prop up the earth illustrates the purpose of ESG investing as a foundation in establishing a sustainable physical environment and a prosperous social environment.

Green Color

Green color symbolizes positive energy for the balance of life on earth.


The round and endless shape of the earth symbolizes life on earth that must be maintained for its sustainability.

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