DCMD 2023

High-Tech Investment: The Diverse Outlook Towards Future Of Capital Market


DCMD 2023


High-Tech Investment: The Diverse Outlook Towards Future of Capital Market

High-Tech Investment have become a key focus for money investors and capital market players, especially with the ever-growing adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockhain and cloud technologies. This shows that there is a huge growth potential in high-tech investment in the capital markets. High-Tech Investment has also broughtinnovation and disruption in various sectors, including the financial sector.

Therefore, thid theme in relevant and important to discuss so that stakeholders can understand how technology can change the dynamics of the capital market in the future. In facing the future of the growing capital market, expert and professionals in this industry have different perspectives. By combining these diverse perspectives, we can gain a better insight into the potential and challenges of future high-tech investment.


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Sekolah Pasar Modal

Sekolah Pasar Modal (SPM) is the first part of DCMD series. It is a comprehensive platform aimed at providing participants with a better understanding of the basics of the capital market. 

Belajar Bareng Investasi

BBI is an advanced learning about the capital market from SPM. Belajar Belajar Investasi (BBI), is an advanced learning program that focuses on technical and fundamental analysis. 


Diponegoro National Capital Market Competition (Dinamic), is a scientific paper design competition that challenges participants to analyze investment opportunities in a company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Capital Market Fair

The final event, Capital Market Fair (CMF), is the highlight of the DCMD Series. It is a public seminar that brings together experts from various fields to discuss the world of the capital market.

Testimoni Dinamic

The 7th Dinamic is my second year of participating in the competition and I can say that the quality is always maintained. Although being held online, Dinamic always gives the participants something new and also allows participant to feel the heat and fun in the competition. The theme and stockpick is also very interesting, bringing fresh and updated theme to today's economic situation.
Sendy Winardi Sovian
1st Place DINAMIC 2022
One of the biggest equity research competition in Indonesia. It was a hectic, yet enjoyable moment.
Farrel Justin Wismanto
2nd Place DINAMIC 2022
As a student, I can confidently say that The 7th Dinamic 2022 has been invaluable in helping me learn about equity research. Through conducting in-depth research and presenting my findings to industry experts, I have been able to apply theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios. This competition has truly provided me with a unique and rewarding learning experience.
Adam Darma Kusumah
Best Template
In my opinion, The 7th Dinamic 2022 is a great competition to try and test our stock valuation analysis. It's also our team's first equity research competition, and it's our most unforgettable memory. This competition also helps us enhance our valuation analysis and learn how to perform well in a presentation where the jury is an expert in the industry.
Juan Clement Tengono
3rd Place DINAMIC 2022

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