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7th DINAMIC 2022


"The Unalterable Route Towards Sustainability: Thriving Resilience through the Implementation of ESG"

    Efforts to fight uncertainty must go beyond the boundaries of economic indicators; three aspects of environment, social, and governance are now the main guide for every investor to develop resilience through sustainable investment.

    First established in 2015, Dinamic are known for it’s commitment to provide a fascinating yet stimulating journey for undergraduate students to explore the world of capital market. With the three main phases of Preliminary Round, Showcase Round, and the brand-new Grand Night Forecast Challenge, The 7th Dinamic is here with the competition nuance you’ve never seen before.

Pegadaian 1
Pegadaian 2
Pegadaian 3
Pegadaian 1
Pegadaian 2
Pegadaian 3




Rp 8.000.000

+ Trophy & Certificate



Rp 6.000.000

+ Trophy & Certificate



Rp 4.000.000

+ Trophy & Certificate



Rp 1.000.000

+ Trophy & Certificate



Rp 1.000.000

+ Trophy & Certificate

DINAMIC 2022 Timeline

Open Registration

6 June – 20 July 2022

Paper Assessment

24 July – 6 August 2022

Grand Opening, Valuation Training & Top 10 Announcement

7 August 2022

Finalist Meeting & Advanced Valuation Training

15 August 2022

Top 10 Paper Showcase Round

16 August 2022

Grand Night Forecast

16 August 2022

Capital Market Fair

Winner Announcement | 27 Agustus 2022

Testimoni Dinamic

In my opinion, Dinamic is one of a kind among valuation paper competitions in Indonesia. One of the most memorable parts of the competition was the final round where we were asked to assess the valuation of one of Indonesia's digital banking companies within 24 hours. The experience is nowhere to be found in other valuation paper competitions and enriches our team's experience in conducting stock valuation analysis of companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Wilbert Arifin - Chuan Capital (1st Winner of the 6th Dinamic 2021)
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
The 6th Dinamic was my first competition in college and it has helped me and my team to learn more about the financial industry. Moreover, we also learn a lot about how to do valuations, see company prospects, and sharpen our teamwork skills.
Vincent Zhuang - Ketua Beban (2nd Winner of the 6th Dinamic 2021)
Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
My first time competing in an equity research competition was at the 6th Dinamic. For me and my team (SuperBagger), competing in a prestigious tournament like DCMD was a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Overall, the 6th Dinamic is fantastic; the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable speakers as well as meet great judges is really valuable to me.
Michael Tjandradjaja - SuperBagger (3rd Winner of the 6th Dinamic 2021)
Institut Teknologi Bandung

7th DINAMIC Teaser

Frequently Asked Question

  • 2 - 3 undergraduate students enrolled in the same university. Different majors are allowed and each participant is only allowed to register on one team. 

    • Participants can access the DCMD website at and fill out the data and files required in the Dinamic registration form. Within 2 x 24 hours, an email of username and password will slide through the participant’s email that can be used to download the preliminary kit of the 7th Dinamic. 
  • Participants can access the preliminary booklet and other competition necessities only after successfully registering for the 7th Dinamic by log in through our website.
  • The stock options that will be used by the participants in the 7th Dinamic are listed in the preliminary booklet.
  • The valuation paper should be written in Bahasa.
  • The 7th Dinamic begin with the preliminary round where all of the participants are required to create a valuation paper of a company listed in the booklet. Then, the participants are invited to attend the Grand Opening on 7th August 2022 to receive a free valuation training and the announcement for the top 10 teams that will continue their journey to the final round. 

    Last but not least, the main event of the 7th Dinamic will take place on 15th to 16th August 2022 which consists of the Finalist Meeting and two final rounds of Showcase Round and the special brand-new challenge of Grand Night Forecast. Enjoy the journey, we wish you the best of luck! 

    *Due to current circumstances, the entire competition and event of the 7th Dinamic will still be held online. 

  • The username and password email will be sent within 2 x 24 hours after the participant fills out the registration form. Make sure to submit the team data and the files required properly. If the email is still not received after 2 x 24 hours, contact us through:
  • Axel ( +6287808060433)
  • Salma (+6281328079485)
  • If the participant doesn't have a student card, the participant is allowed to use a temporary student card or a certificate from the university stating that the participant is an active undergraduate student.
  • For any inquiries regarding the 7th Dinamic, the participants can contact us through:


  • Axel Azriel
    WA: 087808060433
    Line: axelazriel2

  • Salma Mutisa
    WA: 081328079485
    Line: 10salmass

    Let’s get in touch and explore through the journey together!

Dinamic Insight

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You still have a questions?

Please kindly contact our Dinamic Contact Person (CP)


Axel Azriel ( axelazriel2 ) | Salma Mutisa ( 10salmass )


Axel Azriel ( +6287808060433 ) | Salma Mutisa ( +6281328079485 ) ​

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